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Expert Marketing and Customer Engagement

Besides us being:


a recognised online gaming supplier in several US states


developers of our own proprietary technology


and being friendly and have direct access to many sport book operators

we also know a thing or two about marketing and engaging sport betting customers as we have operational experience from many regulated international markets.

Digital Marketing

Drive New Customers To Your Venue

Once you are a partner in our Canyons network we will promote the network together with our sports betting operator partners to make sure you get new foot traffic through the door.

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In-store Marketing

Optimize The Live Venue Experience

Betting on the game you are watching is increasing the excitement, that is a fact. We have thought carefully how best we could optimize that experience in a live venue. We are incorporating digital features with the in-store marketing which incorporates drinks coasters, table tops and table tents in your venue. Come onboard and share the sports betting experience with your guests and let them bring in their friends so we can all benefit!

No Upfront Costs

You run your venue, we run your sports betting campaigns

Operating a venue is hard work with small margins so; what if you could make more money per guest to increase your average revenue per customer? What if you could run marketing campaigns in your venue to attract new guests and what if you could do that without paying for it or spend much time organising it?

At Canyons, we work with you to leverage a number of campaigns inside your venue and online. We work with you to optimize your location, time of year (sporting events) and other opportunities to create a buzz in your venue.

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